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                   This trip begins at the time I finished the UAS, the intention of the city streets have long, before I and my friend's friend had been a trip to Yogyakarta, when we made it to Yogyakarta, after arriving home, we plan to return the streets out of town on vacation when the semester 5, the first we've got planning a trip to Malang city to Mount Bromo rather, its plans to silahturahmi Rhesa with a large family, me and my friends used to call him by name Togar. Me and my friends have a bevy of so-called "dismal CREW" This association consists of 11 people, initially just regular get-togethers, because we often gather what's wrong with our society places have names. This society consists of people who are weak because we have a motivation of love but one day we must be successful and our future is bleak, this group consists of people who love the roads out of town, west java sights we have ever last visit we intend to visit the western city outside of Java.
UAS was my first day passed, the test is complete we plan to talk again to the streets of the city of Malang, a lot of my friends are unable to participate in because of my problems is very high travel costs, and planning had failed. The next day I invited yohan his tour of Java and Bali by driving a car after the completion of UAS, the long-awaited day arrived precisely on Monday 30th January 2012 at the time I was following the last UAS, UAS after we departed from JAVA AND BALI TOUR precisely at 13.00 I left. When I left the weather was heavy rain. On our way singing while relieving tired and sleepy,
Then we reached the town gas station to refuel Indramayu and more precisely the evening prayer at 18.00. After resting we continued the trip when the weather was heavy rain, while eliminating our sleepy talk and joke, his arrival in the district Alasroban cars we drive have a problem with the car whiper (glass cleaner) whiper car would not move, as the weather very cold and heavy rain we repair the damage to the car, then whiper car moving again, not far from where we stopped the car went back whiper car is not moving, we finally find a resting place nearby gas station to repair any damage mobil.whiper can not be repaired, we were continue the journey, the weather there was heavy rain, we walked whiper not use a car, it's actually very dangerous for ourselves can lead to accidents. We walked very carefully in wet weather atmosphere is very heavy and dark. Finally we found a car repair shop when it was at 04.00, we stopped to fix the car. Apparently whiper can not be repaired because the car is very old age and car spare parts are very rare, then we continued our journey on it during heavy rains. morning the sun finally appeared at that time we have till in the city of Semarang. We had a break at the pump we were resting and napping There he filled his empty stomach.
            At 10.00 am we woke up it was still raining, we went back to travel for short travel times, through the district capital and Karachi city, the city is thick atmosphere of remote rural areas are still many fields and still rarely tall buildings. His afternoon we arrived in the city of Tuban city located just off the beautiful beaches, many fishing boats that were leaning against the side of the beach, when the rain began to subside. Evening we arrived at about 18.00 Surabaya city's second largest city on the island of Java. There I saw a city submerged by the mud that overflowed the surface of the earth. Not long after we arrived in the city of Probolinggo town houses are still rare and many roadside trees. At about 03:00 we arrived in the city of muddy village of pages or so I call him yohan pepenk. Arriving there I was warmly welcomed by his extended family, presented a variety of foods. After talking and eating I went to sleep to continue his journey to the next day.
             At 14.00 we were getting out of bed, shower and eat and then we get ready to do the hunting in the afternoon. At 16.00 hours we walked to the hill which was near our house about 2km walk we finally got there. The village is still very beautiful, there are many rice fields and river water is still very clear. Then we walked to the top of the hill, there are many young people who enjoy the beautiful mountain village of Jember dipuncak. His arrival at the top of the hill we came we were amazed by the scenery that we've never seen live in our town, a village surrounded by high hills, fields which are very numerous and very cool weather complement the beauty of the village. Then we did the photos on the Mount is to capture the sights there that we rarely see in our city. Does not feel we had 2 hours to be there the day was already getting dark we came down from the top of the hill                
To his very next day around 09.00 we we getting ready to go uncle of pepenk to repair damage to the car. In the afternoon we walk her to the driving motor, to the beach, not far from pepenk grandmother's house, a trip that is adorned with shady trees and hills are very high, for 15 minutes journey we finally arrived at the gate to the beach pay Rp 13 000 we can enjoy the beach. The beach is tucked behind the hills and forests inhabited by wild monkeys. Finally we stopped in one place that we think is perfect for enjoying the beautiful beach, white sand beach that is, the rocks are very large and very blue sea. The beach is very clean no litter off the coast. Lack of promotion of local residents are still rarely result in the people of Indonesia who know where the beach. Then our photographs to capture the beach. Did not feel the time was getting dark we went back to the house.
In the evening we prepared her for the journey back to Bali, at 20:00 we were off to bali. It was raining very heavily and the weather was getting colder. Before reaching the town of Banyuwangi we have to go through a very dark forest located on the mountain, the city of Banyuwangi behind the mountain. The dark and narrow path traversed by container trucks and fuel trucks scare me, no houses in the area. With great care we walked through the mountains. 30 minutes later we finally get out of the mountain. Soon the rain ceased, we were up at the port of Banyuwangi to cross to the island of Bali. By paying Rp 120,000 we could continue the journey by boat Very.
               For 15 minutes we were on the boat we finally reached the island of Bali. Still about 36 km journey back toward the city of Denpasar. Passing through a dark and deserted street illuminated only by car headlights, we did enjoy the trip. At about 4:30 we finally reached the city of Denpasar. Residents also began to perform daily activities, a very clean city and its residents are very friendly, made me feel at home there. Then we headed to Sanur beach is still quiet there exist only a few people waiting for sunrise. When the sun rises seen the rubbish strewn beach is very ironic, beautiful beaches dotted with garbage, lack of awareness of the public to dispose of waste in place resulting in the beach polluted by sewage. After enjoying Sanur beach we quickly find a hotel around kuta beach. after traveling all the hotel was full because there is a brass and a vacation day is celebrated every year, we finally discouraged to find hotels and search for the nearest gas station for a short break.
                  Then we get out of bed to get ready to perform the Friday prayers. Our city tour Denpasar there are very rare because the majority of the mosque there is the Hindu religion. After Friday prayers we continue the journey back to the TanahLot. Our trip was decorated with statues of gods that characterizes the city. The town is very thick at all with the island culture make us miss the island. Arriving in tanahlot its raining and we just enjoy the beauty of tanahlot in the vehicle. Because our time is very narrow and we traveled home on the 8th of February because we had to implement the Act (primary test) with a mixed feeling of happiness and tiredness we enjoyed the trip home. Not far from the port of our vehicles had damage our tires flew off and crashed into a house of local people, fortunately there were no local people passing by. Our Kemuian mempebaiki damage the person who helped us, young people aged 18 years who are very enthusiastic to help us.
Photo of the car while being repaired
            After we finished the car proceeded towards the harbor. At about 18:00 we arrived at the port, the rain fell heavily, although not resulting in high waves. At 2:00 we got home from pepenk grandmother and then we rest. Our next day to his uncle's home car repair pepenk because tomorrow we have to continue the journey home. On his next day at around 11:00 we are getting ready to travel pulang.pada on 5 February we got home around 16:00. Experience that we can not forget from the hard, happy and sad we've spent together. Enjoy the way I had never experienced before

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